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A covert operative needs extraction from behind hostile enemy lines. A sniper is called up for duty. Also, three MECs with grenade launchers, flame throwers, rail guns and rocket-powered fists. The team for this highly sensitive covert action is rounded out with two heavy weapons specialists armed with multiple rockets, heavy laser guns and powerful alien-made grenades.

The representative of the Council watches as enough weapons to level a city crams into the air transport before saying “we are sure you will handle this with utmost… discretion.”

He turns off the communication device then sobs quietly alone in his office.


Here are some of the cool ads you can see around in Bethesda’s Dishonored.

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Look like a Real Human Being in New Leaf

And a real hero. This QR code comes from AtomicToast, who also made the jacket from Hotline Miami for you to scan in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

More fun QR codes:

You can find a lot more QR codes here and 

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resistance to adorable animal crossing game crumbling


marin is good at the speaking. 

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Pokemon Stadium 2 Commercial


Pokemon Stadium 2 Commercial
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